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A little lazy kanji SRS format


I want to share my SRS format. But first some introduction: I’m now on 1200th frame of RTK (1199 to be exact), I have tried the ‘vanilla’, ‘Lazy Mod’ and also some other formats, which were abbreviations of those. Up to around 1000th frame I’ve wrote each kanji before showing an answer. It was good, couse my writing ability increased. But unfortunately it was also SLOW (20-30 sec per answer), one and a half an hour of SRSing a day… plus the time for input stuff… Fulltime job.

I got sick of it, so now I’m only writing character once after making the story and putting it to SRS (actually from now on I will be handwriting kanji AFTER SRS session, and just the new ones of course). Now it’s ~10 sec fer character avg. and ~30 min of SRSing in total. Also the session limit changed. Used to be 10 min, then 2 and now it’s 3 min and I think this is optimal for me. 3 min is great, couse you get done something like 15-20 reps – it’s a visible progress, but you don’t get tired (3 min, seriously, pffff…)

Da. I could write some more, but I guess no one even cares, so here is what I came up with, nothing revolutionary(is there even a word like this in English?). This resides somewhere between Kendo’s Lazy plus Mod, Tommy’s version, and the ‘vanilla’ format.

It’s Keyword+Primitives=>Kanji+Story




metal| gully


Picture the molten lead (the heavy metal) being discreetly drained out of the factory into a gully behind. {Story by samusam from}

Scoring (Anki 0-3):

3 – Story pops up in your head along with the correct image of the kanji.

2 – Kanji is good, but it took too long to get all the elements in their places, or you’re just inconfident in remembering this one.

1 – You got the story wrong and messed up kanji somehow, but you feel like cracking it the next time.

0 – This one is the least used by me, couse choosing 1 (hard) shorten the time of next appearance, so eventually it will be short enough for you to remember (plus why demage the good stats? ;p). Using almost exclusively when confusing completly new characters or being like ‘WTF? Whats that? Why is it here?’ when the answer is displayed.

This is easier than ‘vanilla’ keyword=>kanji, couse you get hint from primitves (plus a hint about placing the elements – ‘|’ is ‘next to’, ‘/’ is ‘under’, ‘[‘ ‘enclosure’, ‘\’ ‘semienclosure’ like road, etc.), but still you need to reproduce entire story and the kanji. This is supposedly (‘in my opinion’; I just don’t want to use the forbidden ‘S’ word… xD) better in long run than Kendo’s Lazy Kanji plus Mod, couse you get your brain working for each answer, and I think this is kind of what Mr Heisig meant urging(?) us to go keyword=>kanji. Tommy’s version also does some good, but I’m too lazy to make cloze to each card 😉

I’m really just starting this today, so if there will be some long term effects, I’ll let you know. If anyone like/ dislike this, post comment here (-_-)/~

PS. I’m back to write-each-kanji, couse I’ve got low retention w/o it. But now I go for ‘faster’ rather than ‘perfect’, so even writing AFTER showing answer can get the 2 score. However answer time under 20 secs (17 secs usualy) is more then acceptable, thuss I’ll stick to this for some time.