Japanese Learning AJATT Method

Don’t rest, be like NASA – faster, better, cheaper.

Don’t rest.

First of all the whole resting between timeboxes is BS to me. Why? You just don’t have to rest, you only think you have to, becouse some Kenyan guy living like 20000 km away told you to rest (thuss he didn’t, oh really he is quite an opposite). Think: you do your stuff for 2 minutes, take break for another 2 min, than 2 min working again…. It’s just a half time work! So what, work without breaks, box to box? Yes. And no. Yes – you don’t waste your time resting half the time. And no (somehow) – you don’t go like work-work-work-…. every 2 min.

I mean you do, but not the the same task consequently. Something like work1-work5-work1-work6-work1-work3-…. Where number given to work is its priority. So do 2 min of your main task – than 2 min washing dishes – 2 min of task – 2 min doing push-ups (oh why not xD) – 2 min of task – 2 min checking web -….This may be not good for everything becouse of distractive character of side- tasks (hmm actually one could take advatage of this, taking time for calmly thihking), but for some stuff it can be a good one.

This is really just an advice for those who feel guilty about taking too much breaks – make a break part of the game. And if you ok with that lay, rest, do nothing, but at least do it in Japanese ;P


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